Black Kat Motorwerks specializes in the service and restoration of BMWs from 1950-1979.

Matt Gagne and his crew can handle anything from simple maintenance to complete vintage restorations. Matt’s commitment to customer satisfaction guarantees you and your bike an enjoyable ride




Repair and Maintenance
Whether you need the oils changed, brake adjustment, battery conditioning, tires/tubes replaced, carbs cleaned, or any other routine maintenance, BKM can do it.

We can restore any vintage BMW. The time required to restore any bike will vary based on the condition of the bike and the scarcity of the needed parts. We’ve restored BMWs for clients across the USA. Whether you are restoring a bike for sentimental reasons, or as an investment, we’ll work to help you understand your bike’s needs and figure out the budget necessary to get you the restoration you want.

Thinking about buying a bike you saw on eBay or Craigslist? Have a neighbor selling his old R69? Want to know what you’re buying and what you should be paying? Give us a call. We can be as involved as you need, to help you get the facts you need to make the right decision. Whether you want us to talk to the seller for you and ask the right questions, whether you want us to go with you to inspect a bike at the seller’s location, whether you just want a telephone consultation, we are here to help. We buy and sell only the highest quality parts and motorcycles.


Our mission is to provide incredible customer service and satisfaction. We will deliver the best bike possible, guaranteed.

Matt Gagne


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